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Go ahead, have another!

mango_tini --{ graphics
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Graphics and Contests

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This community was created on April 27, 2007.

mango_tini is a graphics livejournal community. It features any kind
of   graphic you   are   looking   for,   which   includes   icons,  blends,
headers, and whatever else you want.   The best part of all is that any
member can be a maker
! As a member, you can post graphics you have
made, request any type of graphics, & look for graphics to use.  Before
joining     and     posting,     please   read  the  rules.
All     ages     and     genders     are      welcome    !

Brittany - [me_in_ruins]

1. Credit the maker of the graphic you will be using. (Crediting the community is optional.)
2. Do not change/edit/customize a graphic you are using, unless otherwise noted by the maker.
3. All entries must be Friends Only.
4. If you're posting graphics, do not use a fake lj cut or link to another page. The community is better
organized and easier to navigate this way.
5. If you are taking a graphic, please upload it to your own server unless otherwise noted
by the maker. (Photobucket is an example.)
6. No nude pictures can be used on graphics, please.
7. All graphics (excluding previews) posted must be placed underneath an lj cut. Copy and paste what is
in the text box if you don't know how to use a lj cut.

8. If you are the maker of the graphics you are posting, you may post whatever graphic you
want. You can also take requests from members.
9. Please promote this community as much as you can! Also, you can promote another community
in here; however, this is not a promotion community. You can only promote a graphics community
(any kind). Also, don't go on a promoting frenzy in here. Once or twice every couple of weeks is enough.
10. Please tag your entries. (examples: icons, layouts, headers, requests)
11. Please keep in mind that the moderator does not track every single graphic to make sure the maker
was credited; therefore, the moderator is not responsible for anyone who steals a graphic. However, if you
suspect of someone stealing graphics, please let the moderator know so that that person will be banned from
the community.
12. Not abiding by these rules may negate your membership to this community and could result in
you being banned.

heiressgraphics (moved : glamorousicons) ; xpausedx ; icon_needs socialxscene ;
foolishgames ; undeniablyglam ; youngblue ; fridayglamour ; vintagecheer ; lushavenue

If you would like to be an affiliate with mango_tini, fill out an application here.

Version: 3
Featuring: Lindsay Lohan
Put up: January 3, 2009
Header made by: me_in_ruins

There's an easy way to find a specific graphic you're looking for, such as icons and headers.
You can also search by celebrity name! Check out the tags to navigate through all graphics posted!
(These can only be viewed by members of the community.)

There will be a new blend/icon contest introduced each month. The community also provides other contests,
so be sure to check back here! Please read the rules before submitting an entry.

Blend/Icon Contest Rules
1. Only moderators can introduce blend/icon contests.
2. Contests are open to all members.
3. Entries must be posted to the entry in which the contest is announced.
4. Entries must be in before the end date. Any thing admitted after the end date will not qualify.
5. Participants must follow the individual contest rules or else their entry will be disqualified. (The
individual contest rules are posted with the entry in which the contest is announced.)
6. Winners will be decided by the moderators.

Current Contest
There is no contest going on at the moment. Check back soon!

Past Blend Challenge Winners
No Blend Challenges have been conducted yet.

Past Icontest Winners
Challenge 001: The Holiday Season (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) [link]: no entries

Maker of the Month
The Maker of the Month is something unique to mango_tini. Maker of the Month is an award recognizing
awesome graphics, activity, and promotions. This is still a fairly new idea for the community, so it will not
start until we get more makers.

Promote Us!
Please promote! Here are some buttons and banners for you to use to promote the community. Just copy
and paste the code underneath the button you would like to use. For each place you promote to, you get 1 free
icon of your choosing made by the moderator, me_in_ruins. For example, if you promote to 10 separate
places, you get 10 icons. Just make sure to post an entry with the links to the places you promoted to!
(Please don't promote to more than 20 places at one time. That's way too many icons and your moderator
frankly does not have the time.)

Go ahead, have another!

Go ahead, have another!

Go ahead, have another!

Go ahead, have another!

Go ahead, have another!